Waterloo cafe now open! Serving Breakfast from 8am daily.

Drinks and Savoury Menu


Coffee $3.50 (eat in) | $3.00 (take away)
Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Macchiato, Piccolo, Long Macchiato, Espresso, Double Espresso, Short Black, Long Black, Double Ristretto

Babycino $1.50 (eat in) | $1.00 (take away)

Mocha $4.00 (eat in) | $3.50 (take away)

Hot Chocolate $3.80 (eat in) | $3.30 (take away)

Chai Latte $3.50 (eat in) | $3.00 (take away)

Extras $0.50
Soy milk, Strong, Decaf

Iced Drinks
Iced Coffee or Chocolate $6.50 (eat in) | $5.50 (take away)

Iced Mocha $7.00 (eat in) | $6.00 (take away)

(w/o icecream) $4.00 (eat in) | $3.50 (take away) 

Tea by T2 $3.50 (eat in) | $3.00 (take away)
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemongrass/Ginger, Peppermint, Chai, Jasmine (Green), Chamomile

Capi Sparkling $4
Cranberry, Ginger, Lemonade, Grapefruit, Blood Orange

Capi Sparkling Orangina $6 (eat in) | $5 (take away)

Nudie Juice $5 (eat in) | $4 (take away)

Juice $5.5 (eat in) | $4.5 (take away)
Orange, Apple

Coke $4.50 (eat in) | $3.50 (take away)

Coke Zero $4.50 (eat in) | $3.50 (take away)

SanPellegrino Water $3.50

Bottled Water $3.00



Pie $8.50 (eat in) | $8.00 (take away)

Chicken and Mushroom; Beef Burgundy; Lamb, Rosemary and Eggplant

Sausage Roll $6.50 (eat in) | $6.00 (take away)

Pork and Veal; Pork, Bacon and Roasted Fennel Seeds

Quiche $6.50 (eat in) | $6.00 (take away)

Lorraine (ham and cheese); Spinach; Mushroom; Salmon

Ham and Cheese Croissant $7.00 (eat in) | $6.50 (take away)

Our famous ham and cheese croissant, filled and topped with a bechemel of ham, cheese, herbs and baked until golden with cheese on top. A cult favourite of La Renaissance! 

Cheese stick $4.50 (eat in) | $4.00 (take away)

A delicious twist of French butter puff pastry, parmesan and tasty cheese, baked until crisp.  

Baguette Sandwiches 

Ham and Cheese $9.00 (eat in) | $8.50 (take away)

Smoked Salmon; Rare Roast Beef; Salami; Roast Chicken all $10.00 (eat in) | $9.50 take away

Bocconcini and Pesto; Goats Cheese $9.50 (eat in) | $9.00 (take away) 


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