Cake Menu

Juju - $10.50 

Milk & Dark Chocolate mousse with a chewy salted caramel and 72% chocolate ganache centre, crunchy pearls and chocolate/almond biscuit base

Goya - $10.50  
Raspberry mousse with a creamy passionfruit centre, almond nougatine, pain de genes biscuit base*

Monet - $11.00  
Layers of vanilla sponge and white chocolate bavaroise, raspberries and lychee jelly, coconut dacquoise base*

Vivaldi - $10.50
Moroccan orange cake in a creamy milk chocolate & hazelnut mousse, layered with crispy pearls 

Opéra - $10.80 

Coffee-soaked joconde, layered with alternating 62% dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate and coffee whipped ganache, chocolate glaze to finish

Mille Feuilles - $9.50 

Traditional layers of French butter puff pastry and vanilla crème pâtissière 

Cheesecake - $9.50

Cold-set cheesecake on a lemon biscuit base *^

Crème Brûlée - $8.50 
Gently baked vanilla custard, crisp caramelized sugar top

Chocolate Éclair - $9.20
Choux paste, chocolate custard, chocolate fondant glaze

Coffee Éclair - $9.20
Choux paste, coffee custard, coffee fondant glaze

Fruit Tart $9.50 (weekends)
Vanilla crème pâtissière, various glazed fruit (excludes raspberry)

Lemon Tart - $9.00
Fresh lemon curd tart*

Raspberry & Pistachio Crumble Tart - $9.50 
Baked tart with pistachio crème, raspberries, and sweet shortcrust crumble


* Contains gelatin (Halal), + Gluten-free, ^ Nut-free

Whilst we don’t use flour or nuts in the production of certain cakes, they are not made in a separate, sterile kitchen so we can not guarantee that they are 100% gluten- or nut-free. All cakes contain dairy and/or eggs.


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