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These colourful clouds of meringue and sweet ganache are a staple of French Patisserie, tracing back to the early 16th century, finessed and refined by generations of Pastry chefs from Catherine de Medici’s own chefs to the Macaron King Pierre Hermé, and are routinely used, along with the Croissant, as a way to benchmark individual skills and overall standard of Patissiers the world over.

Please note our macarons are currently unavailable but will be back in stock shortly. Our staff are happy to assist, please email or call for further information. 

Like many other staples of gastronomy, the list of raw ingredients is short - almond meal, eggs and sugar - but it takes years of trial and experience to get the perfect smooth, shiny finish, crispy shell and soft interiors.

Contrary to many other pastry products Macarons are at their best when they are a few days old. When Macarons are fresh made they are generally very dry and crispy and need to sit in the fridge to absorb enough moisture to get that crispy shell but moorishly soft interior. Macarons are an incredibly stable product which can be kept for up to a week in the fridge and are also able to be blast frozen at -30 degrees and then stored in the freezer, when they thaw they are ready!

Macarons are almond based and, whilst they are gluten free, they are made alongside wheat based products and may, from time to time, contain traces of gluten.

After 35 years and two generations of experience, our Patissiers have perfected the art of Macaron-making! All our macarons are hand made on site in our patisserie at 47 Argyle Street, The Rocks.

Choose from a wide range of flavours and box them up in 7, 14, and 24. 


Our Flavours

Dark Chocolate - Salted Caramel - Passionfruit & Milk Chocolate - Rosewater - Jasmine Green Tea - Pistachio and Cherry - Mango, Lime and Coconut - Strawberry - Dark Chocolate and Orange - Peanut Butter.


Individually our Macarons are $3 each however, the more you buy the less you pay!

Box of 7 - 18 ($2.65 ea)

Box of 14 - 36 ($2.50 ea)

We also cater for weddings, events and corporate functions and custom colours and flavours are available although there is a minimum order of 300 pieces (our smallest batch size).

A table of prices are below






Individual macaron


Price is based on a minimum order of 14 pieces. Packed into bulk transportation boxes of 36. Customer to arrange own ribbon and packaging.

Three days for small orders (50-100) if you require a specific flavour. Two weeks for large orders over 100.

Clear Acetate Custom Box (1 or two macarons)


Available to order from us. We will provide the box and the macarons separately ready for packing by you.

Minimum two weeks in advance

Individual macaron with custom box and ribbon


Price is per macaron (box of two macarons $8)

Packed by us. Price is for boxes of 1 or 2 macarons and includes custom box and ribbon.

Please note that this price is reflective of the time it takes a member of staff to box the macarons and tie the ribbon.

If price is an issue we recommend you purchase the macarons and the boxes separately from us and box them at home.

Two weeks in advance








Custom flavour, size or colour


Generally according to above prices although may vary for different sizes and flavours Minimum order 300 pieces.

Two weeks in advance minimum

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